22 Fun Things to Do in Jackson MS to Discover the City With Soul

Planning a trip to Jackson? We didn’t know much about the capitol of Mississippi but were pleasantly surprised. Here are 22 fun things to do in Jackson MS.Read more

Who knew this thrift-shop find would offer hours of priceless family bonding?

When my husband brought home an ancient record player he found at a thrift store last year, I rolled my eyes. We are not skinny-jean-wearing, man-bun-loving hipsters. Actually, my husband has very little hair at all but we do not speak of this. I thought this vinyl business was a passing interest that he’d have for a week or two and then we’d all move on and I’d have to find somewhere to put this piece of junk.

Why does everyone get so excited when I say I’m having a boy?

As a mom of all girls, I’m used to seeing this expression when I announce I’m pregnant with yet another girl: It’s the underwhelmed, slightly sympathetic look of someone who assumes I was heart-set on having a boy. Since I have girls. And obviously, if I’m not pregnant with a boy, I must be brutally disappointed. My husband and I never felt that way. We always wanted a large family, and were excited to find out we were expecting again,