Manuela Franjou: Our World

A day in the life of photographer and mother Manuela Franjou and family – their world, favouring a simple life and sustainable kids fashion on the blog.Read more

9 Tips

It seems the biggest concern most family travelers have is what to do if you have a fussy eater! Don’t fear parents, I have one. In fact, I think I have Picky eaters are quite the challenge when traveling with kids! Here are a few simple tips that may help. We have the fussiest child so completely understand!Read more

Pitti Bimbo 87: The Nest Showcases Emerging Brands

The Nest area, Pitti Bimbo Trade Show, part of Pitti Immagine showcases Niche brands with a strong sustainable brand ethos, where creativity & passion shine through in timeless, simple designs. Pirouette Blog selected the One To Watch Award Winners and for Pitti Bimbo 87 Spanish brand The New Society & Ciao Coyote won.Read more

The sneaky trick I use to get my preschooler to listen – the first time – BabyCenter Blog

Oh, 4 years old. It’s a magical time filled with new experiences at pre-school, pushing boundaries, expressing opinions — and driving parents completely insane. My middle child recently turned 4, and it’s been, well … interesting. I mean, she carries on full conversations and is reading. And yet, simple requests like, “Hey, can you please… Read more »Read more