One book a month: February

This month I read Jog On by Bella Mackie, a book about how running can change your life and your mental health for the betterRead more

Reading the small print…the hidden perils of your child learning to read

Your child learning to read is one of the most magical moments of motherhood. It’s a major milestone, right up there with the first steps,…Read more

Ballerina Featuring Little Creative Factory

Inspired by contributors Anelia & Maia’s appreciation for ballet, Ballerina features Spanish kidswear label, Little Creative Factory. Maia wears a dress from the SS18 collection ‘Dancers’. Read the post, with dance quotes on Junior Style Kids Fashion Blog.Read more

How to Treat Baby’s First Fever

Fever in infants can be scary! Read these tips on baby temperature, and learn how to treat your child’s first fever.Read more

7 Best Cruise Ships for Kids (rated by a 16 year old kid)

With over 50 cruise lines operating, are you wondering what are the best cruise ships for kids? Read this list from a 16 year old family cruise expert.Read more

The sneaky trick I use to get my preschooler to listen – the first time – BabyCenter Blog

Oh, 4 years old. It’s a magical time filled with new experiences at pre-school, pushing boundaries, expressing opinions — and driving parents completely insane. My middle child recently turned 4, and it’s been, well … interesting. I mean, she carries on full conversations and is reading. And yet, simple requests like, “Hey, can you please… Read more »Read more

Adults are paying to be swaddled like babies, and I’m so in – BabyCenter Blog

I’m an expert-level baby swaddler, thanks to desperation. When my second son cried for 20 minutes out of every hour as an infant I perfected the technique of wrapping him in a blanket to simulate the womby coziness he seemed to be missing. Savannah Guthrie is also an expert swaddler, it seems. Watch what happened… Read more »Read more

5 brilliant comebacks for those large-family haters – BabyCenter Blog

Haters love to hate on big families. Are you guys done yet? You do know how this happens, right? Are they ALL yours? You are overpopulating the world! Total dread. This is the feeling moms of large families feel when announcing yet another pregnancy. My husband and I just announced that we will be having… Read more »Read more

Way easier than cinnamon rolls: Cinnamon roll CAKE! – BabyCenter Blog

If you love a good cinnamon roll, but don’t like all the kneading, rising, rolling, and slicing that comes along with making them from scratch, I’ve got you covered. It’s a cake. That tastes like a cinnamon roll. And only requires you to dump stuff in a bowl, mix it, and bake it. No yeast,… Read more »Read more