Five things we’re watching, five years after everyone else

Here are five TV programmes we’re watching, five years after everyone else…this post could also be called ‘thank goodness for catch-up TV when you’re a…Read more

The very busy smear test

Because I can be both badly organised and also extremely forgetful (tell me; does this never go away?) I somehow ended up accidentally booking in my recent…Read more

Adults are paying to be swaddled like babies, and I’m so in – BabyCenter Blog

I’m an expert-level baby swaddler, thanks to desperation. When my second son cried for 20 minutes out of every hour as an infant I perfected the technique of wrapping him in a blanket to simulate the womby coziness he seemed to be missing. Savannah Guthrie is also an expert swaddler, it seems. Watch what happened… Read more »Read more